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Virtual Placement Drive by Vchip

    • The motive of virtual placement drive is to make students familiar with placement process. We conduct placement drive, which is similar to the actual placement process of most of the companies. Our team has involved in placement process of many MNC’s and start-up companies, so our team has great knowledge of today’s requirement of the market and we conduct interviews accordingly.
    • Virtual placement drive consist of following steps:
      • Aptitude Test
      • Group Discussion (GD)
      • TI/PI
      • HR
      • Suggestions
    • Note: If the colleges wants to have the placement drive as per some specific companies drive then we will process the placement drive accordingly.

Online Test

    • We conduct Aptitude test online. It contains MCQ’s and numerical type question. It consist of following three sections:
      • Quantitative
      • Reasoning
      • Verbal
    • Here we analyze the accuracy and presence of mind 

Group Discussion

    • Students will be asked to discuss within the groups on specific topics.
    • Here we analyze the communication skills and the representation of his/her knowledge on the given topic.
    • Here we also analyze, how the students perform as a team member.


    • We conduct Technical Interview (TI) based on area of interest of the students. It consist of following three parts :
      • Basic Knowledge: Here we test the basic knowledge about his/her area of interest.
      • Machine test: Here we give the problem statement to test the logics and coding skill of the students. In-depth knowledge about subject is also tested.
      • Puzzle: Here we mostly test the logics, presence of mind and how the students tackles with pressured situation.
    • In Personal Interview (PI), we focus on individual representation about him/her self.


    • In HR, We mostly discuss about the aspirations of the students.
    • Also we test the self confidence, communication skill, how s/he represent about him/her self.
    • Here we also test, how the students carry them self as an individual. Also the ethics of the students is tested.


    • We will analyze each individual overall performance and mark them accordingly.
    • Depending upon the overall result of each individual,we will give reviews and suggestions to them.
    • Depending upon the overall result of all the students,we will give reviews and suggestions to college.
    • If required, we can arrange for session on improvement areas post placement drive.

how the program will arrange

    • At first we get request from colleges for conducting the virtual placement drive
    • Our representative will contact for further details
    • We will schedule a virtual placement drive as per availability of both of us.
    • Detail about the online test platform will be shared and students have to enroll before the placement drive schedule.
    • Number of days required for completion of process depends on numbers of students going to attend the placement drive.

Features and Advantages

    • We take video recording of the interviews and share these recorded videos with industries and our partners. If they have any opening then they go through recorded interview for initial scanning and they can select some candidates for further process.
    • Due to feedback to students from our side, they can focused on their weak points and overcome them during actual placement drive.
    • Students become aware about the current trends and demands in industries.

    • It helps students to overcome the fear of placement process.
    • It also helps students to enhance their performance at the time of actual placement drive.
    • Due to virtual placement drive students can avoid silly mistake at the time of actual placement drive.
    • It is the involvement of college with industries, which helps colleges to represent themselves in-front of committee like NAAC.
    • We ourself can hire students for us and our partners during placement drive.

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