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About Workshop

    • Internet of Things(IoT) is a network in which all the physical devices along with human being are connected. This connection between devices is made by using Embedded system and Internet.
    • Session 1: In this session, we focus on basic electronics elements, sensors, actuator, controller ect. We embed them to control one element by changing other element or changing different parameter of the environment etc.
    • Session 2: After that, we go in detail of gateway. In this session, at first we go through basic of Arduino and programing for it. Then we continue session on Raspberry-pi. In this session you will get detail knowledge of Rpi. We start from installation of OS (debian) and end at completion of programing through Rpi. We use a python for programing purpose.
    • Session 3: In last session we do IoT based project for home automation. We use Rpi as gateway and Blue-tooth low energy(BLE) for connecting nodes with Rpi. In this project we can control the home appliances by using the app (Vchip-home app).
    • At last we conduct competition, in which we give one task to perform by using R-pi. First three winners gets prize and winning certificate.

Workshop Benefits

    • Good hands-on on IoT and embedded system.
    • Good command on Python language.
    • Understanding about app developments and android platform.
    • Get connectivity with industries and experts in the IoT industries. Also come to know the requirement of the industries in the field of embedded system and IoT.
    • Internship opportunities at Vchip Technology and at our partner companies.
    • Job opportunities at Vchip Technology and at our partner companies.
    • Understanding the future of IoT and Artificial Intelligence(AI).
    • In-depth knowledge for designing and programming required for development of home automation using IoT.

WORKSHOP DURATION : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Topics To Be Covered

    • Introduction to Basic electronics components, sensors, actuators, controller.
    • Introduction to Arduino and Programing for arduino.
    • Detail introduction to basic flow of IoT.
    • Detail introduction of raspberry-pi, starting from installation of OS(Debian) to it’s functionality.
    • Detail introduction to python language and hands-on on python language.
    • Introduction to TCP/IP.
    • Introduction to MQTT.
    • Introduction To Wifi and BLE.
    • Introduction to ESP 8266 module.
    • Introduction to android platform.
    • Introduction to App development.
    • Home automation using IoT.


    • Practical 1: Turn ON/OFF of fan at particular temperature using arduino.
    • Practical 2: Turn ON/OFF of motor at particular moisture in soil using arduino.
    • Practical 3: Make Calculator using python.
    • Practical 4: Design and develop bouncing ball game using python.
    • Practical 5: How to configure AT Commands.
    • Practical 6: Home automation


    • Basic knowledge of Electronics.
    • Basic knowledge of C language.

TOOL KIT COMPONENTS (Per Team of 5 for PRACTICE Purpose only during workshop)

Raspberry-pi 1
LED 10
Bread board 1

Who Could Attend ?

    • Students seeking future in Embedded and Robotics, IoT and AI.
    • Basically anyone enthusiastic about current trends and new technology.
    • College students, teaching staff, faculties, working professionals & freelancers.

Why Learn From Vchip Technology ?

    • Vchip Technology is IoT based company. We have our own IoT based products.
    • Vchip has expert team, which have more than 5 years of experience.
    • Till now, we have done lots of workshop, so our team is well aware about the expectation of applicants.
    • As our team works on our own products also they deals with expectations of applicants, so they are well groomed for providing industrial exposer to applicants.
    • Chance to become a part of Vchip Technology.

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