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Vchip-edu is working on digital education platform namely Vchip-edu 1.0. Its the digital education platform design for all who wish to learn. Our main motive is to deliver quality education in villages and remote areas along with urban area to fulfill the dream of Digital Village. At first we are focusing on Engineering and management colleges because we have lots of literature review on that.

We provide all our services at free of cost to college for non-commercial purpose only. We are mostly focusing on bridging a gap between industries and colleges/educational organizations.

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Advantage to Colleges

Bridging the gap between industries and educational organizations

We provide aptitude test series for students of second year and above. Also, toppers will get a certificate of appreciation and gift vouchers. Online course for aptitude by experts. Throughout practice of placement procedure in the form of screening test (aptitude and technical) at first stage, and then conduction of interviews on skype by industry experts. The whole procedure will be designed according to the recruitment pattern of different companies. Also, various interviews of 3rd year and final year students are shared on our cloud. These videos are provided to the recruiters according to their required profile.

Students data on single click (ERP)

Manage all required data of students (ERP) like performance in test series, attendance, assignments, notifications, performance in online certified courses, etc. Regular assignments to the students and their submission. Suggestions and corrections can be asked by lecturers and students can resubmit the assignments. Analytical reports to examine himself/herself better. Graphical reports to easily understand their performance. Quality interaction with parents and students.

Conduction of online unit tests

In general academic examinations, students mostly deal with subjective problems but after the completion of UG, they have to face a lot of objective tests. So, we conduct one objective test per semester according to the university syllabus. Also, all the offline unit tests can be converted to online tests if the college is interested.

Internship in Vchip Technology and our partner companies

Provide in-campus internships to the students. We also provide all the online supports from Vchip’s headquarter. We will also train your few faculties so that they can guide the students at their level only. Any further difficulties will be solved by our experts. Some live sessions conducted by industrial experts.Internships can be converted into full-time job.

Interaction with industrial experts

Live discussions on allotted time period with our experts. Motivational seminar by CEO, CTOs, Directors and Founder of successful start-ups

Sponsor final year project

We conduct interviews and select some groups for sponsorship from Vchip Technology and our partner companies. A full time job can also be offered according to their performance.

Workshops on latest Technology

We will take live workshop on emerging technologies in fields of VLSI, IoT, Embedded etc.

Be Partner with us

All the above mention facilities are totally free to use. We are focusing on bridging a gap between industries and education organizations or between industry experts and students. So, we are signing MoU with well establish industries, start-ups, educational organizations and colleges.

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