An ideal company culture with tenets of that cultures

March 28, 2020 by Priya

The name company, includes three major factors as employee, customer and employer. Maintaining the proper balance between them makes the company ideal. The following are some of my believe to make an ideal company.

  • The first and foremost thing is, all the employees are well aware about the vision and mission of the company and they have freedom of expression of ideas towards the growth of company. It will help the employees consider themselves as valuable resource and that ultimately helps in achieving goals of company.
  • No doubt, the company should be costumer centric, but at the same time employees are also equally valued. Because customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employees satisfaction with the company. We believe that our team come first for us and we trust on them.
  • The company should have well define strategy of growth and it should be transparent and well communicated with it’s employees. So that employees will put their most of energy to work inline with the strategy.
  • I believe, the social activities enhances the team collaboration and that helps in team building. At the same time, some in house activities like indoor sports, technical events (hackathon, innovation, entrepreneurship etc.) and fun events (creativity, hobbies, celebrating festivals etc.) help to increase the team spirit. Along with that, inspirational talk by employees itself on their own journey helps to value each other.
  • Employee should be recognized and rewarded for their extra mile achieved and that process should be fair. That helps to encourage enthusiasm of company. In order to make, employees feel as important aspect of company, the company can take some of measures like providing rewards and bonus in the form of company shares etc.
  • The company should have proper strategy for growth, like having good and energetic sales and marketing team, use of digital marketing, involvement of data analysis. Because the growth only make company alive.
  • I believe in giving flexibility of working hours but at the same time there should be discipline in achieving the deadlines and set targets. Because it will help to maintain the work life balance and also personal and professional growth along with productivity of the company.
Ultimately, I believe in “mutual trust”, “valued for value” and there should be “win-win-win” condition.

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