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What is Machine Learning

September 25, 2018 by Vishesh Agrawal

Machine learning is one of the application of the artificial Intelligence (AI). Suppose AI is the ocean and ML is an island in that ocean. If you wanna go to that island then you should have knowledge about the that ocean. First upon, What is the Intelligence, for example while reading this blog, whatever you find useful, you pen it down in somewhere, why you did this because your brain suggested you that it can be you in future. Here who is the source of providing this intelligence, it’s your brain. Brain is the natural organ, so above example is consider under natural intelligence. Suppose, we generate the thing (hardware along with appropriate software), which work like brain. Now, that hardware is artificial, so, the intelligence provided by this hardware is nothing but the artificial intelligence.

Now take the real time existing example, suppose you wanna go from Pune to Mumbai, and you don’t know the route or most preferred route. You may use google map for navigation. Google map will provide you the number of routes from Pune to Mumbai along with appropriate time. From where google map provide us the route with time? It’s from previous data. Now, how this data gets generated. As multiple users went from Pune to Mumbai and use google map previously. Here google map done data analysis on that previously stored data and so provide the approximate time. Here google map is the machine and it learn from previous data, So, it is the example of the Machine Learning.

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Shruti Arora

Though your article was small it was really helpful to me.i hope you will regularly update more about machine learning in the future.

reply 8 months ago