Direction to prepare GATE...

July 26, 2017 by Vishesh Agrawal

Direction to prepare GATE...

1. Read the university subject (core subject), which are also related to GATE from standard book, it will take time to understand but it will never forgot.

2. Always make your short note on the topics that are cover so it will help you at the time of revision. It will save your lots of time.

3. After preparation of any topic take three or four similar type of question solve them and try to find some easy methods that will be applicable to these entire questions (it’s nothing but shortcut).

4. Only knowledge is not enough. You should be master in unit matching and elimination of the option. It will be very helpful to solve some questions that will make you different than others.

5. Some questions don’t have options. In those questions main motive is to check your accuracy along with problem solving speed. So my suggestion to give more important to basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) and every day do some calculation in spare time.

6. Solve previous year papers, it will help to enhance your confident and also give initial knowledge about difficulty level.

7. Solve the mock paper they will help to manage the time in actual exam.

8. In last month just revise previous topic and do practice as much as possible and avoided to read any new topic in that period.

9. Relax at time of exam. Most important thing is that what we do in that 3 hour.

10. Practice make perfect.

11. Always keep in mind that GATE exam is very easy exam. Just the difficulty is that we thing its difficult.

12. Be confident and thinking should be very high.

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Good one.

Thanks for the direction.


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