Vchip-edu is the part of Vchip Technology. Vchip Technology is IoT based young start-up company having head office in Pune. Vchip Technology is working in Education, Health and Agriculture sectors.
We at Vchip-edu believe that better education is right of everyone. In our country (India), most of people live in villages. So Vchip-edu is working on Digital Education platform, so that we can provide a quality education equally in villages and remote areas along with urban area. In other words everyone can learn with fun from anywhere in the world at any time.

Currently, we are focusing on bridging a gap between industries and educational organizations along with digital villages. In that we are working on direct interaction of students with industries and our experts who belong to different industries. Also, interaction of students with Founder and CEO’s of successful start-ups. Also, our platform have all the required things which are needed for placement like online test (design according to pattern of the major companies), online course for aptitude preparation, discussion forum etc.

We are providing access of Vchip-edu platform to colleges at totally free of cost, so more and more students can get benefit of it. Student access to our platform is also totally free of cost. Also, any private/coaching institutes can start their classes digitally within 15 minute on our platform. For private/coaching institutes also our platform is free to use upto 20 logins.
" We always believe that better society is a best place to live and educated society is better than best. "


To be at leading and respectable place in the knowledge led creativity movement. World see toward our country as leading industry of Electronics and IT sector.


We are working on digital education platform with the prior motive of bridging a gap between industry and educational organizations along with digital village. So that, we are collaborating with educational organization, institutes, colleges along with well established industries and start-ups.


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We provide online Test Series...

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New ideas...Successful adventure.


Technical event conducted by Vchip Technology in Amravati (India) in the month of February of every year.


Technical event conducted by Vchip Technology in Pune (India) in the month of August of every year.


Its the competition for debut in new technology. Winners will get internship, funding and work space from Vchip Technology.